Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt.


1. No Running

2. Find the QR CODES in Order and solve each riddle back here.

3. Your team gets into a drawing for each correct answer!

4. If you finish all questions then you get into the bigger drawing.

Grand Homes Filming

AVSD Productions Films Building Structure for Grand Homes!

Award-winning homes for a reason. AVSD productions is happy to be filming the structure and process of Grand Homes' building features! We came on site, greeted the wonderful Grand Homes team, and started filming for the day. 

Need project film for a corporate project? Let us know at sales@avsdpro.com

DJ Video Wall

AVSD has a wild, exciting, LED Video Wall!

This can be used for parties or virtual events to broadcast your DJ live! Create rhythmic designs, fireworks, and brilliant lights synced up to your favorite music for an unforgettable event.

If you’re looking for an amazing backdrop to your event, either virtual or in-person, AVSD can help you build an event you won't forget.


Virtual Holiday Party Packages are here!

The Way to Gather & Be Merry, 2020 Style

It’s that festive time of year again! We know 2020 has changed the party landscape, and so have we. That’s why we’re introducing our innovative, 3-tiered Virtual Holiday Party Package with packages as low as $800!

Enjoy a Classic Holiday Party, or bump it up to a Frosty Fest or Full Jinglebell Rockout! Come gather around the virtual yule-tide Zoom and tackle fun games covering holiday themes with AVSD. 

Our packages include (but are not limited to!) Bad Elf Bingo, Holiday Trivia, Live-Stream Raffle, Holiday DJ, Battleship, Holiday Scavenger Hunt, Virtual Photo Booth, and A Costumed-Character Host. 

Invite one of our Talented Costumed Hosts The Grinch, Scrooge, Elsa, or Cindy Lou Who to your holiday party this year. If you’re bold, maybe even Drunk Mall Santa or Drunk Uncle? Either way, every tier is guaranteed to bring an unforgettable holiday experience. 

Bookings are gathering quickly! Let us know if we can bring the party to you.

Need to know more? Call us now at 214-331-3333 or contact us HERE


*Disclaimer: we do not take responsibility for anything Drunk Santa, The Bad Elf, Scrooge, or The Grinch may say. 
*Certain Games (Scavenger Hunt and Minute-to-Win-It) Shouldn't be played with more than 15-20 participants at a time.

MPI Goes Hybrid!


A great way to have a photo lounge at your event and still stay safe!

With our technology we make photo lounges safe.  If you want to be in a photo with your friend but not be near them, we can help you to make this happen.  Each person or set of people, get into the photo where our professional photographer takes several photos.  Our Digital Artist chooses the best shots and uses our proprietary program to clean them up and stitch them together within 1-2 minutes.  You can even choose a digital background!

With this new revolutionary way of making fun photos, we are bringing back the photo lounge to your event right away!  If you are interested in using this at your next event, call us for a quote.   

At AVSD Productions, we do so much more than just entertainment.  If you have time, look around our website to see all the other products and services we do!  If you can't find what you are looking for, ask us.  We are always working on new products that might not be on the web yet.  We tend to be experts in creating new tech entertainment products.  We test and research them so that we can understand how to best implement them at an event.  



This is a world first!!! In the history of Drive-In Movie Theaters, nobody has done a Drive In movie during the day!

People are tired of sitting at home watching TV! They are READY for some GREAT entertainment - and THIS, as far as we know, has never been done!!

AVSD is bringing a Drive-In Theater to a parking lot near you! It’s SAFE, it conforms to Social Distancing guidelines, nobody has to leave the comfort of their car, AND IT’S DURING THE DAY!!!!!  This is a world first!!! In the history of Drive In Movie Theaters nobody has done a Drive In movie during the day!

We are bringing our 10’X17” LED Wall and setting it up as our ‘screen’.  Then we mount it on trusses 6-8’off the ground, so that everyone in their cars can see, and the audio is broadcast directly to the car stereo.

It’s great for fund raising - AVSD can pre-record your video message and broadcast it before, during, and after the Movie.

For our premier, we’re benefitting Restaurant Workers and Bartenders, who’ve been without work or income for many weeks!

It’s great for Venues to demonstrate the level of personalized service they are able to provide for their clients!

It’s great for Businesses - Drive-In Movies are Loads of fun for Employees and their families.

It's great for Apartment complexes to offer their tenants a “once-a-month” value-added benefit of leasing from them.


Pros and Cons

Pros:  It can be used the entire day and into the night, so you're not limited to one movie or to the amount of people that can rotate in and watch it.

It makes social distancing easy, by parking one car space apart.  Or outline spots on a lawn, if doing a 'non-car' or 'lawn-movie style'.

You don't have to Disturb the neigbors.  Using Audio Transmitters we can pipe the audio directly into your FM Car Stereo, or use our Wireless Hi Fidelity Headphones.  Or you can pay extra to have a sound system, and really feel the bass.

People are ready to get out and do something different

There are several add ons, including Trivia!


Cons: The size of the screen might accomodate a really large group. If you have a larger audience, move up to our larger screen that can be done at night time.  It's more than twice the size!

Email or call for Pricing and availability

We also rent staging, Lighting, and Full sound systems to accomodate a lawn movie day, or night time event.



For Team Building, Fundraising, Ice Breakers, or just for Fun!!!

It’s Finally Here!  A way to still do Team Building, Fundraisers, Ice Breakers or just to Entertain while we are stuck at home!

AVSD Productions has come up with three Fully Interactive Games that you can play or watch at Home, with people all over the world, and you can STILL maintain Social Distancing!!



It’s like crossing "Minute To Win It" with a Scavenger Hunt on Steroids.

This online game show allows individuals (or teams) to play against each other, from the comfort of their homes, without a Facemask or the risk of getting sick!!

It’s challenging both physically and mentally, it can be set up extremely easily, and above all else, it’s a whole lot of fun.

The Show’s host leads competitors through the various challenges with loads of humor, great music, and lets everyone have a GREAT time competing!

How do you play it? 

The competitors hunt for everyday objects around their houses, have to perform hilarious antics for the camera, and rack up scores for the effort they put into each challenge

It can be tailored to the exact needs of each client or audience, and can be implemented on a daily or weekly basis, so that competitors playing in a tournament style have to complete a serious journey getting to the FINALS!!

The prizes at the end of each segment can be customized to your company’s products, or just random fun prizes. 

AVSD takes time in preparing each game,  with each person's enjoyment taken into consideration.  Most games last around 30 minutes, though we can customize the duration, and every other aspect of each competition

AVSD also offers other Online Game choices... Long Distance Trivia, and Battleship Challenge.

Click to check out the video.



Unlimited Players!  Play from anywhere and compete for fun or prizes.  We combine leaderboard technology with Zoom and a live host asking questions that are not easy to look up on line. 

Games can be fully customizable, or play from some of our premade games.  Use this to help create knowledge retention after a talk, or play just for the fun. 



Unlimited Players. This is a true Team building event. Where everyone playing divides up into two teams and competes in a trivia competion, in order to take shots on the board to sink the other teams' fleet of ships!

AVSD Delivers a little Joy


AVSD Productions delivers Furniture and Joy 


Our CEO, Richard McClure, recently sent out a newsletter to all our peers, vendors, and other people he knows in the business, offering up AVSD Productions’ resources to help people during this time of no live events


Shortly after Richard put out the Newsletter, he got a call from Melissa Grove, Executive Director, Legacy Counseling Center.  They were moving a previously homeless man into a home in South Dallas, and a private donor, Jim Windler of Dallas, donated some furniture. However, Legacy Counseling had no way of getting the furniture to the man’s new home.


On March 27th, AVSD Productions sent a truck, with three able bodied men to assist. Richard,  Robby Hall and Will Vazquez stepped up to do the job. They picked up the furniture and delivered it to the man’s new apartment in South Dallas, along with a 6 pack of toilet paper as an appropriate house warming gift!


AVSD is honored to be the AV supplier for Legacy Counseling Center/The Grace Project. 


The Grace Project, which normally is held in March, now delayed until October, is an Annual Gathering of Women with AIDS, put on to help educate.


The Grace Project was inspired by Grace Hunt, a loving and generous woman, who counseled women with HIV/AIDS.

The program seeks to encourage hope and hold families together through a supportive net of services including mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, support building, and education as women are the fastest growing population of new HIV infections.The conference is the centerpiece of the program.

Celebrating the conference’s 20th year, the event is designed to bring formerly isolated women living with HIV together. The goal of the conference is to SEE (Support, Educate and Empower) each woman and create future advocates for HIV prevention, health education, and awareness.

AVSD has been involved with the Grace Project for over 6 years, and in that time we have watched the event grow into the largest Aids Awareness Conference for Women in the world. The people who come to the event have become like family. Each year we see new faces, and treat them with the same love and kindness that has evolved for the people we see each year. 

If you know a woman who should be a part of this annual event, please share this link with them.  

If money is an issue for them to attend, each year there are many donors who sponsor women to go.

Please click for more information


San Francisco Craft Chocolate Fest -  Corona Virus changes AV Set up in Mid Event

AVSD has provided The Dallas Chocolate Festival lighting, sound, and other AV essentials for the past 5 years.  In fact they’ve enjoyed our service & dedication that we’ve consistently put in & exhibited, so much, that this year they suggested us to be the preferred AV Vendor for the Craft Chocolate Experience: San Francisco, which brought Craft Chocolate to the Bay Area, March 6-8th.  

The venue for the CCE:SF was The Palace of Fine Arts, located close to the Golden Gate Bridge - an amazing Greco-Roman structure built in the 1950’s

So, on Monday, March 2, we loaded up one of our trucks with everything we were going to need for the event, and DROVE our butts to San Francisco!! We arrived late Tuesday evening, and fell into a deeeeeep sleep, much needed after the long drive!

Wednesday morning we got cracking, early! AVSD was there to make sure everything was lit for maximum impact, and that crystal clear audio could be heard throughout the 140,000 sq. ft. of indoor space, and there was drapery to be installed for 120 vendors - who came from all parts of the globe - from Auckland NZ, and Albertkazmerpuszta, Hungary, to Vilnius, Lithuania, and Chiang Mai, Thailand, plus vendors from all across the USA!

The finest chocolate makers, chocolatiers, and industry experts were on hand sharing their products and their love of quality chocolate. Guests sampled and shopped the marketplace of world class artisans, attended lectures, tasted in pairing classes, and did other Chocolate related things! 

Changing the AV layout on the fly due to an emergency.

Due to the mounting concerns about the Corona Virus, the Event Staff shut down the enclosed theater in the Main Exhibition Hall, which was going to be used for a lecture, together with 5 classrooms, and instructed AVSD to re-route 2 speaker clusters up to the open air mezzanine level - The VIP area, so that the lecture and classes could continue in an open space (rather than inside a Theater), all the while keeping the Audio throughout the event running, & sounding crystal clear.  We never skipped a beat, and delivered excellent Audio to the VIP Area within the time we were given!!

Keep checking our site for information & times for The Dallas Chocolate Festival, scheduled for September 11-13, 2020

Myths Busted about the Corona Virus

Here are my top Myths about the Virus that I think should be busted!

Myth: It's not safe to receive a package from China

It is safe to receive letters or packages from China, according to the World Health Organization. Previous research has found that coronaviruses don't survive long on objects such as letters and packages. Based on what we know about similar coronaviruses such as MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV, experts think this new coronavirus likely survives poorly on surfaces. 

A past study found that these related coronaviruses can stay on surfaces such as metal, glass or plastic for as long as nine days, according to a study published Feb. 6 in The Journal of Hospital Infection. But the surfaces present in packaging are not ideal for the virus to survive.

For a virus to remain viable, it needs a combination of specific environmental conditions such as temperature, lack of UV exposure and humidity — a combination you won't get in shipping packages, according to Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, Senior Scholar, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, who spoke with Live Science's sister site Tom's Hardware.

And so "there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures," according to the CDC. "Currently, there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods, and there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with imported goods." Rather, the coronavirus is thought to be most commonly spread through respiratory droplets.


Myth: You can get the coronavirus if you eat at Chinese restaurants in the US

No, you can't. By that logic, you'd also have to avoid Italian, Korean, Japanese and Iranian restaurants, given that those countries have also been facing an outbreak. The new coronavirus doesn't just affect people of Chinese descent.


All cited information from this blog is taken from:


and https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-myths.html

This blog is not to take The Corona Virus lightly.  It is merely to help you understand the facts about it better.  Please make sure you are reading reliable news from a trusted source.

LED Pixel Video Dance Floor

AVSD just got a new LED Pixel Video Dance Floor!  Check it out in this short video. 


This exciting new Hybrid LED light/video dance floor has a smooth, clean, black finish, made of impact-resistant tempered glass.  This gives it great contrast, with deep blacks and brilliant whites. It gives us the ability to create magical designs, motion backgrounds and even animated monograms, making this a floor unlike others out there.

Last year you may have seen a black sparkle dance floor in the market place.  AVSD researched the possibility of purchasing one, when we found this floor that is capable of doing anything that a “Sparkle Floor” can do, plus a whole lot more. 

So, if you’re even considering renting a “Sparkle” Floor, think about getting the LED Pixel Video Dance Floor. This Floor does all the twinkling & sparkling a Sparkle Floor does, PLUS it displays motion backgrounds and even animated monograms!!.  The Pixel Video Floor includes a dedicated operator who programs the floor as the event progresses, changing the graphics from song to song - even from verse to chorus!! (Unlike a Sparkle Floor, where the operator pushes a remote that changes patterns!) 

Currently 24’ X 24’ is the largest configuration available

AVSD has the best Dancefloors available - Original Parquet, White Enamel Dancefloor (No screw holes), The LED Dancefloor, and now… The Pixel Video Dance Floor...

The new Pixel Video Dance Floor takes dance floors to another Level!

 Check it out in this short video. 

Surviving the Tornado & The 2019 World Food Championships

Safety is key with ALL of our installations at AVSD, and because of this they made it through the Tornado, on October 21, 2019.

AVSD Productions was selected as the preferred AV Vendor for the 2019 World Food Championships, staged at the Reunion Lawn, opposite the Hyatt Regency Hotel Reunion, in Downtown Dallas.  We supplied Sound, Staging, & Lighting for the main tent, the Main Stage, VIP tent, and the awards ceremony, inside the Hyatt hotel for two nights of awards. All chefs/ competitors/ interviewers/ Judges and Referees were wirelessly mic’d up.  We installed speakers everywhere, so that what was being talked about on camera, and on stage, was heard clearly by everyone at the event - inside the tents and outside, on 2 giant 6’X12’ LED Video Walls, that could be viewed in broad daylight.

Inside the main tent, AVSD provided a DJ all day, every day, playing an assortment of hits and a variety of musical genres, creating a custom soundtrack for the ongoing event. Outside the main tent, guests could enjoy music from a variety of bands on our state-of-the-art 24 x 30 x 5 foot high covered Main stage. At the front of the stage were the 2 giant LED Screens and two banks of Line Array Speakers hanging from the trusses.

Whenever we have trusses and stages, we have Ballast to keep everything stable, anchored to the ground, able to handle the elements!! On our Main Stage we had 15,500 lbs of ballast, in the form of two large water reservoirs to the sides of the stage, to which everything was anchored.


The Shit Hits The Fan!

At 4:30pm on Monday, October 21, a weather Alert went out about possible Tornadoes in the Dallas area, and Richard sent a text to all employees to come and help tear down the LED video walls, since they were the one thing that might get damaged. By 9:30pm, only three people had managed to get down to the Reunion Lawn, and the wind and rain was already starting to pick up.  Working together, they removed one side of the led wall and as they began to dismantle the 2nd LED screen ….. Then all hell broke loose! The winds picked up and the clouds opened their flood gates and it just started pouring down - it felt like needles on one's head.  

 The wind was much stronger now, the rain was pelting down, and it became nearly impossible to continue. Richard made the decision to leave the top row of the LED Walls attached to the trusses.  One of the workers panicked and took off to his car, while Richard and Mark stayed behind to secure the remaining wall to the truss with several bungees. They covered the inputs with rubber caps and then descended the ladders quickly.

  Completely soaked as if they had just come out of the ocean with all their clothes on, they tumbled into the safety of Richard’s car, and drove to the Hyatt where they took refuge in the lobby bar and ate a much deserved cheese pizza!!

…..When our Crew arrived at the site the following morning, the high winds had ripped the roof canopy off of the Main Stage. The 6mm Tarp material had been torn off of the roof by winds so strong it had left only the grommets where they were tied to the beams!!

The Stage, Trusses, and LED Screens had endured the elements and were still in their positions, ready to be set up again!  Because of our strict Safety Standards, our equipment and installation survived the worst storm of the decade!!


… and now for the “Webcrawlers”!! These bots look for key words & phrases, so… 

For those of you who don’t know what we do.  We have AV or in some cases people call it Audio Visual services, Event lighting, Trusses, Entertainment, Green Screen, photo booths, Black Light photo booth, Kaleidoscope Booth, Slow Motion Video Lounge, Virtual Reality Booths, Podiums, Projectors, Screens, Uplights, Downlights, LED Bars, Puck lights, Cafe Lights.

Lasers, Spotlights, Pixel LED Dancefloor, LED Dancefloor, White Dancefloor, Parquet Dancefloor, Staging, LED Walls, Line Array Speakers, Sub woofers, Powered Speakers, Digital Mixing Boards, Digital Snakes, Microphones, Headphones. Corporate AV and AV for private parties and events.

Rentals for events including: Stanchions, LED Walls, Rustic Wood Walls, Light up Bars, TV bars, and more.







This amazing resource is ready to WOW your next Event or Festival.  

Body Marbling turns skin into Art, through a painting process in which paint is floated on a “thickened” water solution, then transferred to a person's skin. Neon or ultraviolet reactive colours are typically used, and the paint is water-based and non-toxic. 

We have artists that create the beautiful patterns on the water solution. The guest then dips their body part into the solution, and the pattern transfers to their skin. Then to the Dry Station, and then into the Black Light for the spectacular full effect.

We are one of only THREE companies in the world that are doing Body Marbling successfully – there’s a company in AUSTRALIA, one in NYC …. and AVSD Productions!!  No need to fly in exorbitantly expensive artists in from other cities/countries – WE have them right here for you to use, in Dallas, Texas!!


Body Marbling is an excellent choice for small functions or large Festivals

  This is a “Must Have” for your next Event

Lavish Lighting

AVSD Pros are genetically bred to be attentive to tiny details which make events go from “Eh” to “AHHHHHHH”.  Lighting in an event can make the difference between wonderful photos with highlights in all the right places and decorative aspects which pop, to photos with harsh angles or an “event canvas” which misses focus on specific, decorative detail.

Tale of Two Weddings:

One week at a wonderful Venue in Uptown, there was a very beautiful Wedding with gorgeous centerpieces costing the Bride and Groom thousands of dollars.  Before the Sun fell behind the horizon, the scene was gorgeous; however, after the Sun set, with only votive candles and low light in the Venue, the centerpieces were lost. Photos of the Wedding Reception revealed shadows of floral instead of capturing them in their colorful and boutious glory.

The next week at the same wonderful Venue in Uptown, there was an equally beautiful Wedding with fabulous centerpieces costing the Bride and Groom thousands of dollars; however, this Bride and Groom also opted to pinspot their centerpieces. Once again, a breathtaking sight lay in wait for guests as the Sun shone brightly. In contrast to the previous week, after the sun fell behind the horizon, a stunning set up remained with soft angles and floral showcased in all its glory.

Pinspots, Cafe Lights, Lanterns, Orbs, and uplights are the tiny Soldiers of events.  Their glow add a magical aspect to the overall design which graciously takes guests from day to night.

Leaning upon professionals who will visit the venue day and night to ensure your event has the details to take Guests’ breath away is important.  The professionals at AVSD are on the job to make sure you and your precious decorative elements shine!

Dramatic Draping

Pipe and Drape is a term most people in the event industry are familiar with. Like me, some shudder with thoughts of mismatched pole heights, wrinkled or dirty drapery, large gaping holes between panels, and puddles of fabric in the path of Guests and Party Goers, which pose a tripping hazard.  

AVSD Pros understand these concerns.  Drapery is a decorative aspect akin to centerpieces or table spots. Great lengths have been taken (literally with extended drapery lengths) to ensure each section of Drape is clean, lays flat without wrinkles, and soars to higher ceiling heights.  

Kevin Lee, Celebrity Wedding Planner, claimed one big focal point can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of your event.  Draping can provide this “Pop”, opting to give every Planner more bang for their buck with a little bit of fluff. You can even take your statement piece over the top by backlighting with our long, clean, white LED up lights.

Lofty, dramatic design is definitely in AVSD’s wheelhouse, with a myriad of colors and textures in our  inventory. Curated requests can be made as well, with a ten day turnaround (*or even faster if you’re in a rush).

Most recently, AVSD’s StarLight Draping was showcased at the House of Blues’ Bourbon Street Soiree. AVSD also provided over 250 feet of Velour and Velvet Blackout Drapery to hide the back bar as well as partition off key areas to display how draping directly affects venue versatility.  

Check out the video to see how AVSD Pros can make you the Star of your own Show!  

AVSD is always thinking outside the box! Drapery is an essential tool in our “Event Unique Toolbox” we use to build your Social or Corporate Event.


*rush orders require additional fees

We're Gonna Rock Down to Electric Avenue!

A marvelous element for any event, The Electric Grafitti Wall!

AVSD Productions has the premier selection of Photo Booths. The Electric Graffiti Wall is an incredible example which brings live action to your Event. In fact, we are the only provider of this type Photo Booth in the Metroplex!

AVSD Professionals "draw" action around those being photographed with animated brushes. With this feature, Guests can instantly gain super powers with laser eyes or royal status with a crown of neon jewels.

With a video upgrade, the photo becomes animated - adding to the fun!

Corporate and Social events are able to add their customized logo or branding to the photos and videos as well, creating the curated touch.

Take a look at logistics regarding space and electrical needs as well as more details here.

Contact AVSD anytime to secure the Electric Graffiti Wall for your next event!  No super powers needed!

FX verses a Basic Green Screen

What is an FX Green Screen?

Green Screens have been making Hollywood magic for decades. Bring the wonder of an FX Green Screen to your next event, with our creative and dynamic photo booths!

Fine tuning, professional lighting, the latest specialized software, and creative genius make FX Green Screens come alive! We are able to layer objects to make it look as if your Guests are actually in the action, doing amazing things!  Attendees live out their dreams dunking the tie breaking basket or catching a "Hail Mary" in the end zone - possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Bring us your Event Theme. Our designers will create amazing settings, backdrops and layered effects to fulfill your Guest's wildest dreams on camera!

AVSD FX Green Screens supercede expectations!  We ensure:

  1. Two Printers that produce photos quickly & back up equipment is always on site. 
  2. Event Professionals arrive on time and set up hours before the event (depending upon Venue policy). 
  3. We utilize Professional Cameras & Equipment. 
  4. Booth Attendants are friendly and attentative to the needs of your Guests. 
  5. We hold a $10,000,000 liability policy.

FX Green Screens are the COOLEST!  Bring the unexpected to your next Event! 
For more information and to secure an FX Green Screen, reach out! We'd love to talk with you! 214-331-3333 or sales@avsdpro.com

Watch the clip below to see Hollywood create the unbelievable from the ordinary.  AVSD Pro can transform an ordinary Photo Booth to the Bulletin Board Super Star of every cubicle and break room!

Line Array or Regular "Point Source" System


What is the difference between a line array and a point source loudspeaker, and when is one better than another?

A line array PA system features a number of identical (or nearly identical) loudspeakers arranged in a vertical line: hence the name.

Without getting too technical, a vertical line array allows sound waves to constructively interfere with each other so that they can send sound waves farther than single-source loudspeakers, in a directional pattern. 


Look up at the next huge concert you attend, and you’ll likely see a hanging, curved vertical arrangement of speakers. 

When correctly installed, a line array allows even frequency response and clear sonic coverage throughout the range of the system

Unlike the line array system, a single speaker radiates sound in a spherical pattern and therefore has less range






The Dummy’s Guide to the difference between a line array speaker system and a point source “normal speaker” system.


Normal “Point Source” system - as you radiate sound forward, you lose sound volume and clarity the further out you go.

Array system - as you radiate sound forward, the level remains close to the same, without losing volume or clarity, at a much much further distance - like across a stadium, across a parking lot, or to the far end of a large hall or ballroom!


The specs for our RCF HCL Array Speaker System are:

Horizontal Coverage Angle 100°

Vertical Coverage Angle 10° maximum...

… which means each speaker projects a small 10º sliver of HIGHLY CONCENTRATED sound …. 

… Imagine a slice of pizza being 45º - cut that slice in half and you have 22.5º - cut THAT in half and you have 11.23º - you get the picture … it’s a thin sliver of directional sound that stays consistent to a much further distance than a point source system


Line array PA systems don’t perform well when the audience is spread out from side to side, or for audiences clustered close to the venue stage. So, Side Fill and center stage speakers are used in conjunction with line array systems.  

The plus to this, is that people up front don’t get blasted by the sound in order for the people in the back to hear, as often happens with a normal point source system.

Our Line Array System is the latest version available! 

Made by Italian company RCF, the HCL Array Speaker System in WHITE, looks clean and compact, and each speaker pumps out a huge 1400 Watts, for an amazing 135Db of High Fidelity sound.  

The sound quality is truly amazing, and for your next large event, these are definitely what you need for your sound requirerements!



Still or Animated, these signs are the final Glitz to a Fab event!

Our ultra Glamorous, super Glitzy, Hollywood TV Frames each come with their own 55" Digital TV Screen.  These lite/light frames are constructed using foam and wood, and are surrounded with 24, fully dimmable, frosted bulbs to cut down on glare.  Each frame is supported on its own truss stand, using either petite or thick truss and can be wrapped in white or black spandex.  The 55" Digital TV Screen in each Hollywood TV Frame allows you to fully customize your signage at your next event, using still or animated content on a Flash Drive or Computer. (not included, but can be added for an additional Cost).  

Needs one 5 amp plug to operate.  

These can be eye level or as tall as you want by adding more truss sections.


This is an example of our hot new LED DJ Booth that can also be used as a bar.  Behind the bar is the LED wall and underneath is the LED Dance Floor.   We can do up to 5 of these bars at one time without the whole wall, or one with the wall, as a DJ Booth.  Anything can be put on the wall including sponsors' logos.  The size of the bar is 50 inches tall by 8 feet wide.  We can also include mirrored side walls, so it looks seemless on the sides.  The wall can be done during the day, outside, but will require more power.

Currently we need 2 deditacted circuts to run it inside and 6 circuts of aound 20 amps each for outside use.  The wall is 10.5 tall x 16.9 wide

The wall can be ground supported.  

BAM!  Make your event go Viral!



EXPO EARTHX 2019 comes back to fair park April 26-28. 

AVSD Productions is proud to be involved with setting up 3 different Omni Globes at this years Expo.  Please click this link to learn more about the expo this year and what to expect.  https://earthx.org/expo/

At Earth X 2018 AVSD productions sponsored the Earth X Film Booth with lights, a camera, editing software, and computers. All to make possible “create your own public service announcement” for Earth X. We also sponsored trusses, drapery, large TVs, carpeting, light up walls, and light up corner walls, all to make the Earth X Film Booth look professional and fantastic!  In addition we set up and operated the Instant Earth Photo Booth, where guests could come in and get their photo taken, cradling the earth in their hands. AVSD is committed to furthering all efforts to make our work space, equipment, and projects sustainable, recyclable and to leave as little of a footprint as possible. To that end we have partnered with Earth X Texas for Earth X events. We are the stewards of the amazing 32” and 60" Omni Globes, high tech globes that display the planet's environmental and geopolitical trends. Visitors to the globe installations can check out moving ocean currents, tsunamis, cloud patterns, air traffic, and climate trends. We store and deliver the Omni Globe to different elementary and middle schools each week, to help ensure that our school kids are made aware of the current climate trends.   



Its that time of year again, it's Partyfest, and we are excited to be back! We love showcasing all we have to offer for your event, while also getting to see the hottest trends taking place in the DFW Metroplex. We want to offer you a free entry to the event this year (See link Below.)  Though we understand that not everyone can attend, so below we are going to describe what we are showcasing at the event. Each year the AVSD booth is bigger and better than the year prior, and this year we not only have a 20x20 ft space, we are also displaying inthe SWP (Society of Wedding Professionals) Booth and the MPI (Meeting Planners International) Booth!

AVSD Productions Booth: 

VRX Vitual Reality Station • CMYK Booth/Comic Book Booth •  Kalidoscope Booth •  LED Video Wall • LED Dance Floor • Computerized Lighting



  VRX Virtual Reality Station   

 Experience Virtual Reality like never before.

Each Player gets a chance to play the latest Virtual Reality games with the highest rated quality VR goggles.  They step inside a 9 x 9ft Green Screen Cube and are captured on video while playing the game.  With this new VRX technology, we show them playing live on a Screen outside of the booth layered into separate video feeds from the actual game so, to the guests watching them on the TV, it looks as if they are in the game live playing it.  They get to see everything move around them! For an add on (Extra rates apply) we can capture each game play and send a link to an edited video with branding or a message on the video.  Guests can then choose to share this video on social media.

Each game is about 1 minute in length, some games are shorter or longer based on the ability of the player

We require a 10x15 space and 1x 20 amp dedicated outlet for power.

Add Larger Screens or a video wall to see the action Large than life!


  C K  Booth  

CMYK Photo Booth uses proprietary Filters to create a unique photo booth experience.

Guests walk in front of a green screen and take four different pictures which are then combined into one photo with branding added.  The prints come out about 1-2 minutes after the last shot and as you can see, look amazing!  Add a Monitor somewhere else in the room showing a slide show of all the photos or a social media station to upload your photos to your instagram, facebook or email them to yourself.

Requirements:  10 x 10 space, 1 table, 1 cocktail table, 1 x 15 amp outlet. 


  Comic Book Booth 

Guests are transformed into a cartoon and printed in the form of a comic book cover or 4 x 6 photo.

Covers and photos can be highly customized.  Includes a Professional interactive Photographer, A Digital Artist, an an assitant.  

Requirements: 1 x 20 amp outlet, 1 x 6 foot table, 1 cocktail Table, and a 10 x 10 foot area.


  Kaleidoscoope Booth  

Guest stand at the end of the Kaleidoscope in front of a TV displaying modern and fast moving graphics.  A camera operator instructs them to move fast and make fun experssions for 8 seconds as we capture them in high speed.  Immediately after they move to the viewing TV outside of the booth area to watch what they did in Slow Motion.  Based on your package, guests either text a short word to a short number to recieve a link to view theirs and everyone elses edited video or give their email for a more private viewing of just their video.  We create a web page with everyones video on it that can be password protected.  For an upcharge we can make a fully edited video taken from clips from the entire event filmed in the booth.

Requirements: 6 ft x 15 ft area, 1 dedicated 20 amp circut, 2 x 6 foot tables and a cocktail table for drinks and personal items to be placed on while people go into the booth.

  LED Video Wall  

Our LED Video Walls are Rated for outdoor use and can be seen when the full brightness of the sun is shinning.

We can set it up using ground supports or hang it from our truss.  This 4.8 mm Video Wall can be configured in any set up you can imagine.  Each 25 x 25 inch square has the ability to run beautiful video by itself or connected to a matrix of squares making any shape with in the size parameters.  Imagine a stage with a stripe of Video along the back wall and the podium has two of these stacked in front and it all makes one seemless video program across them all.  With our Digital Artists we can create amazing mood shifting graphics through out the night or have up to a 6 camera shoot happening live and switching to cameras and presentations for an awards ceremony.  With wireless HDMI on our moble stablized camera rig, we have the ability to show on the wall all the honored guests in their seats as the presenter talks about each one of them.

  LED Dance Floor  

The amazing new dance floor with LED lighting is made with a metal frame and thick tempered glass squares.  It quickly becomes the main attraction when it comes time to dancing.  With our new computer driven software, we can fully control each square individually and make the dance floor do amazing designs, as well as go to the beat of the music!  Since the squares connect magnetically, it can be put together in very short period of time. Each Square is 2 x 2 feet, so we can do floors in any increment of two.  Our most popular is a 20 x 20, though we can do as large as a 24 x 24 foot floor!  We require 2 dedicated circuts and a place for our operator to run the floor.  Book this dance floor now so your guests become party of the party rather than the center of attention.

Keep reading or scroll to the bottom to get your free tickets to Partyfest 2019.

SWP Booth: 

Carpool Karaoke /Karoke Cab



It's a Trivia Taxi!  It's a Photo Booth!  It's a Karaoke Cab!

No matter how you book it, our 1962 Econoline Van is a fun way of bringing guests into a different environment without leaving the party!  At Partyfest we will be featuring it as the CarPool Karaoke Van.  WIth Limo Style Seating we are able to get 12 people in at one time!  Choose almost any song in the world and our host will play the song while you sing along.  Ad one of our video packages to see the guests on a TV outside having fun inside the van or even get edited copies of them signing their songs as a great take away! 

MPI Booth

This year in the MPI booth we will be showing off our 20 foot tall black drape and our elegant acrylic lectern. 
There has been some confusion in the industry and I know a friend of mine would like to set it straight.  Many of you call the lectern a podium since it is commonly placed on a stage or podium for people to talk from, though the item that holds the lectern is a podium of platform from which to stand on to raise yourself above a crowd and a lectern is the the box that goes in front of you to hold your papers and often times the microphone for the person speaking.  I belive the confusion came about from people calling the microphone on the lecturn "the Podium Microphone".  Which makes sense as it is the microphone that is on the podium, though it is actually attached to the lecturn, which is on the podium.  I hope that clears things up.  Pass it on and see you at Partyfest!


 You must register on-line using promo code PF19 to attend this invitation only event.

CLICK HERE   to attend as our special guest 


Experience these Technological Marvels and High Tech Entertianment in action for yourself.

April 3rd • Dallas Market Hall 2200 Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, Texas 75207





Starlight Drapery

If you're looking for Drapery for your next event that is both unique and beautiful, then we highly reccommend our Starlight Drapery!!

Most people forget that drapery isn't just for covering up or sectioning off areas. It is also used to help dampen sound in rooms. Basic colors are always on hand

The Starlight Drapery drapery is a dense, black velvet material, that is covered with bright LED lights - RED, BLUE, GREEN, and WHITE. The LEDs are fully controllable by DMX (by computer), and can be faded, strobed, sequenced, or twinkled! The LEDs can also be synched to the music that's playing!!

It is 40' wide X 17' tall, which means that it covers a lot of space in the venue, and it is guarranteed to catch your guests' eyes!

If you're looking to up the "Wow Factor" of your next event, then the Starlight Drapery is a GREAT choice for you, as it sparkles, twinkles, and flashes in time to the music!

In the video above,  it shows our lasers, LED light up Dance floor, as weill as some of our other lighting effects at The House of Blues and in a Gym for a Prom.

Secret Silent Disco

Silent... But a Deadly Good Time

Our silent disco headphones offer an innovative approach to how music is heard at your event. Guests can experience the Dj’s music by donning a pair of these wireless headphones. Fortunately with the sound only being played through the headphones, other guests are able to have uninterrupted conversations. Unlike most other headphones, our headphones are professional grade and have unbelievable range and clarity. When recently used at Gilley's Texas, the guests were amazed that they could hear through walls, and in all corners of the venue. Not only can these headphones be used for music and entertainment, they can also be used for simultaneous translation services. 

Silent Disco - Or Secret Silent Disco?

Across the nation the new trend with these headphones is to have a DJ competition, with three DJ's playing simultaneously.  WIth one type of the headphones you are able to see which channel the other people are listening to ... the DJ's attempt to get you to switch to their color, and see how many people they can get to their side of the dance floor.  Guests choose which of the three DJ's they are listening to by swithcing a button on the side of their headphones.

WIth the Secret Silent Disco, the headphones do not light up, creating a bit of mystery as to what the other guests are hearing! Imagine walking into an event and no music is being played out loud... a giant group of people is there ....either standing around each other, or dancing, and they are all having a great time. Your'e gonna want to join the party!!

With no risk of a noise complaint your event can rock all night!


MEGA Gaming Stations

Play any of our games in "Tournament Style" with a Host, and larger customized Screens, or even our LED Video Wall!


 Mario Kart Tournament 

 Super Mario Kart  is just one of the many high tech MEGA Gaming Stations we provide for your events . The setup includes multiple monitors, and a sound system that will take your gaming experience to the next level. The game is played through a Wii consol, where up to four people can play simultaneously. Guest can play individually, or in teams, to compete for a spot in the Winners Bracket.

Race to your phone and call us to talk about all our unique gaming stations, like Virtual Reality, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, etc. 


Team Building or Just a Great Time

Adult Big Wheel Race

If you're looking for something unique to add to your next event, or for something to get everyone excited for your upcoming team building, our Adult Sized Big Wheels are exactly what you need. Guests will love the thrill of competeing with each other, to be the first to cross the finish line, and claim victory! The layout of the race can be an obstical course with speed bumps, cones, tunnels, etc, or a drag racing style course - A straight sprint to victory!!. At the end of the course, the winning shot is captured and displayed in a slow motion Insta Replay, on our huge screens!








On your mark... get set... book us for your next event! 

The latest in Dance Floors

Imagine being able to moonwalk across the floor, while multiple colors illuminate the room, distracting attention away from your mediocre dance moves!

Our brand new LED Dance Floor made its debut on Febuary 24th, at The House of Blues, Dallas.

What makes our dance floor more luxurious, is that it is made of tempered glass - instead of cheap plastic, offered by many other companies. Each panel can be individually lit, and the entire square lights up, not just two sides. The most exciting thing about this dance floor, is it's sound sensitivity. Set the sound for low and each panel can light up the color of your choice, as someone moves across the floor.  Or set the sensitivity on high, and the music will change the colors. This product can be used for any type of event. One has access to multiple settings, such as fades from light to dark, strobe lighting, and of course, the classic Disco feel of multi-colored squares.

 When figuring out how to get your guests out of their seats, this dance floor provides the answer!

Details:  Each Square can be individually controlled by an operator or set to sound sensitivity. The squares are in 2 x 2 foot sizes so we can do floors from 12 x 12 to 30 x 30 foot floors!  We require 2 dedicated circuts and a place for our operator to run the floor.


We would love for you to be the first to experience our brand new white seamless dance floor. That’s right!  No connection holes to be seen anywhere on this one!  With its high gloss finish, your guests will love dancing on it and even taking selfies!  If you're wanting to add an interactive element to your event, we are able to incorporate moving projections, such as falling snow, rain drops, etc. 

Call us now to book it.

Details:  Our dance floor comes in 4 x 4 foot squares so sizes include 16’x16’, 20’x20’, 24’x24’, etc.  This floor can go indoors or outside.  For lawns we must add the cost of a sub floor. 

Note: We also carry a Parquet dance floor that is booth indoor and outdoor.



We have the capability to personalize this dance floor using vinyl designs with lettering, or monograms, which really adds the detail that makes your event stand out from the rest. This customizing idea also works for corporate events by having logos, brand names, or even sponsors.

You are the Dancing Queen... with our new dance floors!


The all new Battleship LIVE! is a fully Interactive Game for small or large groups!!  It is the ultimate in Team building and Knowledge Retention when you want to get information to 'sink in'.   Team Red and against Team Blue, in an all out Trivia and Strategy Game, on a larger than life scale.  Questions for each game are fully customized.  Each row becomes a team within a team. We use Surround Sound and Computerized Lighting to make the game fully immersive, and even more exciting.  We take care of everything -  from the fully computerized gaming system, Lighting, Surround Sound, Visuals, Special Effects, to Scoring, Trivia, and Lectern. We even outfit our crew in sailor hats, and of course, the Captain, who hosts the game. 

Watch the video, then contact us to talk to us more about how you can get Battleship LIVE! for your next event.

Needs: 3 dedicated circuits, 2 x 6 foot tables with linens. (can be added at an additional cost). Seats for each of the players.

Includes: Host, 2 assitants, Audio Tech, Lighting Tech, and Gaming Tech. Lighting, Sound, Screens and Projectors, lectern, 3 wireless mics and podium mic.